My name is Hermione Granger. I'm seventeen, and I'm visiting Lima, Ohio for summer holiday. What fun.

(Based on this fanfic by Lesly)

Chilling By The Pool 

You’d think Hermione was a social shut-in with the way her parents pushed her to spend time with Quinn. Was it so bad that she simply enjoyed reading? But their argument was that it was summertime, and that getting out of the house and spending time with actual people was better than sitting around and burying oneself in novels.

At least Quinn didn’t mind, which was a good thing. And the fact that Judy seemed to like her was definitely a plus.

After texting the blonde, Hermione slipped into her bathing suit (just in case), and pulled a pair of jeans and a striped shirt over it. Twisting her hair into a messy ponytail, the brunette grabbed her key and cell phone before heading over to Quinn’s next door. Hermione raised her hand and rapped her knuckles three times on the door.

Seconds later, Judy answered the door, a wide smile on her face. “Hermione!” she said gleefully, opening her arms and pulling the girl into a hug. The brunette’s eyes widened slightly in surprise, but she smiled and returned the hug. “Hello, Mrs. Fabray—”

"Oh call me Judy, please."

"Um, okay… Judy…" said Hermione, a hint of discomfort lacing her voice at addressing Quinn’s mother so informally. "Where’s Quinn?"

"Oh, she’s out back, by the pool." Judy smiled, gesturing to the back of the house. The girl smiled, thanked her, and walked out back to find Quinn just where her mother had said. She blinked, a warmth spreading to her cheeks at the sight. But then she took a breath to calm herself, her smile back on her lips. Hermione walked up to the blonde. "Hey, Quinn."